• Keystone is listed on the Florida Department of Education Website. (FLDOE)
  • Keystone is listed on the US Department of Education Website. (USDOE)
  • Keystone is regionally accredited by                           NCPSA & the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools Accreditation, Inc. (FCCPSA)
  • FCCPSA is number thirteen (13) on the list of fourteen Accrediting Associations listed on the Florida Department of Education Website. (FLDOE)


The primary objective of Keystone National High School is to develop each student's potential for learning and to foster positive interpersonal relationships. To accomplish this, it is necessary that the school environment be free of disruptions that interfere with teaching and learning activities. The student's conduct determines to a great extent the full development of the potential for learning and the development of positive relationships. A good learning environment such as Keystone provides order and discipline as evidenced by the absence of distractions, frictions, and disturbances that interfere with the effective functioning of the student, the class, and the school. It is also the presence of a safe and friendly yet businesslike atmosphere in which students and school personnel work cooperatively toward mutually recognized and accepted goals.


The mission of our school is to provide students with a rigorous and flexible education that will prepare them for college or the workforce upon graduation. We have one of the most distinguished curriculum offerings at this school for students seeking a quality high school education.

We are regionally accredited! We are registered with the Florida Department of Education and recognized by the state to issue high school diplomas to students who successfully complete the requirements for high school graduation.

Keystone National High School provides an award-winning college preparatory curriculum. The faculty and staff are committed to providing a learning climate to assist students in developing skills and attitudes of successful citizens in a global environment. 

Keystone is a leader in virtual-digital education for high school students throughout the United States and also internationally. We offer a high quality online interactive curriculum that keeps students engaged and actively participating in their coursework.  

Keystone students have access to a wide range of coursework, flexibility in scheduling, developing capabilities as self-starters, and also independent learners, with flexible time to complete their coursework or having the option to accelerate their learning.

Just as with face-to-face classes, online-virtual classes include a teacher, lessons, homework, class discussions, and tests. The main difference is that activities occur over the Internet at a time that is convenient for students. Keystone offers the hallmarks of truly effective traditional education programs, quality teachers, quality curriculum, and most of all, frequent student-teacher interactions. All courses are taught by qualified and experienced teachers that meet or exceed national and state curriculum standards.

About US

Keystone National High School is an                                 - SACS/CASI - NCPSA & FCCPSA regionally accredited Institution.

Keystone is the first Virtual/Digital Christian private school in the state of Florida since January 4th, 1996.

This is not a correspondence school.